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Image by Olga Thelavart

The Design Process

During our initial conversation, we'll identify your website goals and objectives. After I grasp a sense of your overall vision, I'll break down exactly how I plan to construct your website and the completion timeline. On average, most of my sites are up and running in about 2-3 weeks. (Note: Your current site can remain operational during new site construction). Much of that depends on how quickly clients respond throughout the building process. 

Martin County website designers


For websites designed somewhere other than Wix, I'll request that you acquire a Wix subscription (approx. $20-30/mo). I can transfer any pertinent information over, so don't worry about content being lost. (Please note: I have no affiliation with Wix. I simply love their design module and know its inner workings inside and out. Further, I love the ability it affords for me to teach you basic edits upon completion.) I'll guide you through the process. It's quite simple. As for your domain name, where it is registered will not effect where your site is designed. Again, I'll review all of this, so you know the inner workings.

Image by Olga Thelavart


Once the construction begins, I'll notify you nearly daily of changes made. You'll access your account and provide feedback. Once the home page is completed, I'll build out from there. The running client/designer dialogue is important, as the construction moves expeditiously when routine feedback is given. 



There are a myriad of large website services that offer inexpensive website design options, but like anything, there are options to be weighed. Website Reimagined is a custom website design company. What sets me apart is the personalized service you get from start to finish. I am readily accessible to my clients. I deliberately don't overcommit to ensure my dedication and availability. Each page is designed with your tastes and preferences in mind. Photos, videos, backgrounds, copy, all serve very specific purposes, have specific places, and tell YOUR specific story. Contact me for an estimate. 


While I love providing my clients with tutorials on how to navigate the backend of their newly designed websites, I also know that some simply don't have the time nor the patience to manage updates or make changes. At an affordable cost, I can monitor your site routinely to ensure it's always looking and performing its best. 

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